Producers of the Heat Exchangers

Britannia Heatex have 30 years ability in the heat exchange part. They have made outlines in high caliber alongside an extensive variety of arrangements that can help clients to solve their particular issues.

Plate balance heat exchangers

The expanded surface heat exchangers use “Elfin” plate innovation, that outcomes in class-driving levels of execution and offers toughness.

Specialists have the due opportunity to adjust the financial backing and life span contemplations as they can determine the blends of diverse materials utilized, for example, copper composites, titanium and steel.

In the vortex division the specialists utilize clean air innovation, which then diminishes the weight misfortune and hence brings about lower upkeep expenses furthermore lessens the vitality utilization.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

shell and tube heat exchangers
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With the wide range of businesses and the experience, it’s evident that there is an extensive variety of focused outlines that are accessible in the business sector and a whole produce administration for complete shell and tube heat exchangers.

The architects make utilization of the most developed heat and mechanical outline and procedures that are accessible which can incorporates the heat displaying and computational liquid progress (CFD).

Tube groups and U-tube packs

The organization produces various types of tube groups for new applications and additionally for the current ones. There are numerous substitutions for the units as well. The skill of the group and the experience of the group permit them to offer the longer future.

The treatment of containers of the heat exchanger, alongside the great group that is committed in the tube office, which implies that the packs can be produced without prior warning.

Bespoke heat exchangers

Britannia Heatex is presently dealing with to diminish the upkeep and downtime at force stations in Europe. This venture is right now in progress and it was encouraged by re-producing coolers and they utilized titanium tubes with tube plates that brought about an increment in imperviousness to erosion. With this the capability of ten-fold had an increment in the normal administration compass.

The air-cooled application, “Elfin” has expanded the surface innovation that additionally permits the utilization of copper blades over the titanium tubes. This is a procedure which is difficult as compared to the use of different strategies that are customary. Radiator centers are catered by the plain tube groups which likewise incorporates the hydrogen coolers.

Heat exchanger administrations

At Britannia Heatex, inventive arrangements are offered for a wide range of issues. They are novel arrangements that are motivating and accommodating in the meantime. One of the issues ordinarily confronted is about openness. Just in the event that the old heat exchanger is not uprooted, then it is going to have the issue experienced. The group at Brittania Heatex gives proficient and overall administration when the circumstance is unrealistic and troublesome, because of the time limitations and size, in expelling the current heat exchanger from a vessel.

The very gifted and completely prepared fitters can be taken at anyplace and are also accessible at short notice!


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